Daily Hate

31 Oct

New hate today from the Daily Express. Today’s Halloween bogeyman is… immigrants.


“Britain is full up”, they say, echoing the rhetoric of the ultra nationalists, racists, knuckledraggers, scumbags and bastards of the BNP, EDL and other ‘patriot’ organisations. But look at the picture they’ve used to illustrate the article: a Romanian woman being ‘moved on’ by police. The implication is, I suppose, that there’s something criminal about being a Romanian. The SAY NO TO NEW MIGRANTS might be unsubtle, but the picture is a little more of a dog whistle.

The picture the Express used online is similar:


More faceless immigrants. We can only see the faces of some of them; the rest have their backs turned. Because their humanity isn’t important; they are just silhouettes; they are stick figures – somehow a little less than human.

This is part of how immigrants are depersonalised by the gutter papers as some kind of giant globular mass. They are a ‘tidal wave’, not individual souls with lives and families and dreams.

But under that picture is a sad truth: whereas once this kind of article didn’t represent the mainstream, now it’s firmly in the middle ground. The post-2010 Labour Party is just as miserably inept at battling this kind of rhetoric as the others; the arguments have been lost and it’s just not popular on the doorstep to try and argue that immigration is in any way A Good Thing.

In the meantime: blame the Bulgarians, blame the Romanians, blame the EU, blame everyone else.


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