23 May

Earthquakes are, quite often, considered to be rather bad things. You wouldn’t choose to be in one.

But here it is, the Ukip earthquake – at least it resembles a traumatic disaster according to seismologist-in-chief for the BBC, Nick Robinson. I wouldn’t want to doubt his assessment of what did and didn’t make the earth move for him. I imagine he’s like one of those budgies that knows when there’s about to be a rumble on the San Andreas fault. Nick Robinson is chirping from his millet-crumbed perch in Westminster.

Chirpychirp! What’s that Nick? The party who spent millions of pounds on advertising and have been on television and radio every day forever have somehow been noticed by the public! But… How? Chirpychirpychirpychirp! Wow, well that does represent a real turning point. Plucky old them, somehow managing to use the disadvantage of blanket coverage and millions of pounds of funding to get noticed! Chirpychirp Chirpychirpychirpychirp! No, that’s not another bird in the mirror.

If it is an earthquake, it’s not one of those benign, delightful earthquakes. See you in the rubble.

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