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Carry on hacking

I had a couple of emails the other day to my old address, the one I used when I used to have a very different life. A few of us media blog types were reminiscing about the Golden Age… Media blogging during Leveson, what a time to be alive. Change was in the air; the News of the Screws had finally been buried. This was all going somewhere, wasn’t it? We were part of something, some greater thing.


It all got parked. Whether we were right or wrong, it all got carefully tidied away. The PCC is now Ipso, and the difference is slight. It’s called something different; it lives in another building. Ostensibly there are different types of people running it. Maybe that’s what we all wanted after all: a slight rebounding and rebranding of something that (if I remember rightly, and it seems so long ago now) was deemed to be largely ineffective.

Ah, fuck it. The public might have wanted change, but what the hell do they know? They have all kinds of odd ideas from which they need to be protected. Give them a biscuit, tell them well done for engaging and carry on pretty much the same as it was before. Everyone wins. Or at least, everyone can feel like they won even if they didn’t. Freedom of speech! Freedom from censorship!

Freedom to coax an MP into sending photos of his bellend to someone whom he believes is a woman in his party, but who is actually a sweaty man behind a computer. I wonder if the journo got a guilty semi on while he was luring him into the honeypot, if nothing else at the thought of all that lovely money.

Look I’m as delighted as anyone by a tory implosion. But I struggle to untangle the flimsy public interest defence from the nosey quest for lols. Who gives a shit that someone might send knob pics to someone pretending to be someone? Is it really a big deal?

And I hate to bring up this, now we’ve decided that Her Majesty’s Press must be unshackled and free to pursue their noble art, but is it ethical?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s best media blogging did die off. We were just spoiling everyone’s fun. Now it’s all died down we can get back to the serious business of looking at politicians’ cocks. And pointing and laughing and pretending it’s about something more than that. Well done free press. Well done again.

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