Pick on the fat kid

16 Feb

You expect it in the playground, but not from a government. Don’t pick on me; pick on the fat kid.

As someone who was that fat kid, I’m here to tell you: this just isn’t fair. Targeting fat people on benefits is the worst kind of finger-pointing, hide between the bully’s legs kind of unpleasantness. And it’s not even solving something that’s a problem – it’s a policy aimed at 2,000 people.

Pick on fatty. Pick on the fat kid. Don’t pick on us. Beat them up instead!

As someone who used to be 22 stone and who is now about 17, I can tell you there’s a lot of reasons why people put on weight. Some are complicated, a difficult psychological relationship with food. Some are simple, the deliciousness of a meat pie. But overall it’s not as simple as something that can be made to go away with a threat of taking your sweet money away.

But you get the sense the people making these policies know that. Know and don’t care. It doesn’t matter whether it works or not; what matters is that you’re seen to be bashing the people you don’t like.

Fat people bad. People on benefits bad. Fat people on benefits = even more of a scapegoat! Hooray!

This is where we’re heading, then, these next few months. Blame the fat. Blame the poor. Blame everyone who isn’t you. Blame minorities. Blame the weak. Pick on the weak.

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