Britain’s Hardest Trolling

28 May

The liberal-leftie biased BBCCCP are producing a programme, apparently, pitching low-paid workers against each other to win more cash than they can afford on their pitiful salaries.

Britain’s Hardest Grafter sounds like a dystopian gameshow, a BBC3 Hunger Games, a Running Man for the loom band generation. Following on from Channel 4’s Benefits Street, Immigration Street, Fat Poor Bastards Who Smoke Street and Too Many Kids And They’ve All Got Flat Screen TVs Street, it continues a worrying trend.

We love to hate. As Channel 5’s series of poor-bashing programmes including On Benefits And Proud, Gypsies on Benefits and Proud, People Who Shop At Argos And Smell And Proud, and Obese Benefit Claimant Gypsy Single Mum Immigrant And Proud showed, we love to hate the poor. Hate and judge. Judge and hate. Soothe yourself knowing there are grasping scum out there to steal your job, take your pension and smoke cheap fags – and GUESS WHO’S PAYING.

Let’s be hopeful. This BBC programme could be a trojan horse, a bait and switch “make u think” device to lure viewers in with the promise of poverty porn but then confront them with the reality of their prejudices. It could be a spoof.

Or, let’s not be hopeful. While once the TV Tristrams were handwringing liberals, now they’re sneering Thatcher Children, hungry to bash the baddies – the fat, the poor, the smelly unwashed – for money. Maybe it’s what we want. Maybe it gets the ratings. Maybe – and I’m not a tinfoil hatter – it’s a subtle way of making lefties hate the BBC enough to allow it to be smashed up. Why bother with the Beeb when they had Andrew Neil Masturbation At Election Night, and now this? But perhaps that is a bit too far a stretch.

The answer, I suppose, is not to watch. Or for people earning below £15,500 – which includes me – to flood this awful programme with applications and rot it from the inside. Or just keep up the outrage. I don’t know. Is there an answer to toilet television like this?

Blame us, though. We asked for this, apparently. We wanted this. We’re paying for this. We will switch on, and hatewatch, and the Tristrams will pat themselves on the back and say it was jolly well done. And poverty carries on, and no one does anything about it.

Because it’s all so entertaining, if it isn’t happening to you.

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One response to “Britain’s Hardest Trolling

  1. Reggie

    May 28, 2015 at 9:26 am

    This remindes me of when I am at school and my friend Roger find a dead owl round the back of the tunnel by the games field and he gets the dead owl and tells me that if I eat it up he will give me £10 and he shows me the ten pound note which was a lot more money in that day and I pull all the feathers off the owl as best as I can but there are still lots of feathers and then after school I try to eat the owl and I manage to eat the head and about half of the body before I am violently sick and lying on the games field with stars flashing in my eyes and Roger tells me that there is no way I am going to have the £10 unless I finish eating the dead owl but when you are that sick you do not have the ability to continue eating and I just lay there and Roger leaves to go home and I was sick another three times and eventually I went home and my mother rushed me to hopsital and I had to stay there for two nights having my stomach pumped and Roger had no remorse and never gave me the £10 but also I wanted to keep the owl skull that I had vomited up but the hospital said that it was not on and that was the end of that, in this Analogy Roger is the TV boss and I am the impoverished person who is being used as a spectacle


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