Learn to hate

15 Aug

If you’re poor, you’re fucked. Not just because you’re poor, but because the rest of us are being taught to hate you. Those of us merely circling the toilet bowl, rather than having been flushed down, are being taught to punch down, to blame you, to punish you, to hate.

Everyone does it. Here’s a story this week of a starving person who had their benefits sanctioned, fined far more than they could afford for stealing a pack of Mars bars.


The courts punish you for being hungry and desperate. The rest of us are meant to feel happy that someone has been brutalised for being hungry and desperate.

Here’s a tweet from police this week, humiliating people who had been forced by circumstances to sleep in a car.


Again, we’re meant to clap along. Well done cops for sending these people out onto the street and making fun of their humiliation and shame on social media. Our go-to reaction is not compassion but hatred. We have been trained to point and laugh.

It’s come down the years, through various sources. The constant being told we are broke and must live within our means creates a race to the bottom. We’re feeling squeezed so we’re urged to look down and kick those below us. Newspapers and TV programme makers provide the fuel we crave for our hate.


And so it goes on. How did we get here? Have we always taken such pleasure in spitting on those who are in trouble?

But as we continue to “live within our means”, it’s only going to get worse. When the official opposition party in this country feebly abstains against further welfare measures, it’s not perplexing why a left-wing candidate is finding popularity. There is a kickback against the hatred. But is it enough? And is it in time?

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