If only

18 Sep

Yesterday’s blog post was quite successful. You might think being quite successful is a good thing, and it is in and of itself but it reminds me of The Bad Old Days when I was getting stupid readerships for what I wrote – often beyond what their quality deserved.

Anyway. Back then I received an email from a Relatively Famous Author, whose name needn’t detain us. I was quite excited at first.

Then I read on.

“You have quite a talent for writing,” they said. “And you could really be something. You could really do something with it ”

You can imagine! This was coming from someone relatively famous. I hadn’t even asked them to write to me. They were making the effort to write to me, to say this.

There’s a but obviously.

“But you’ve got to change the politics,” they went on. “You’re never going to get anywhere if you’re going to cling to those daft opinions ”

I felt a bit deflated. I thought I’d thought my opinions through quite a lot. Apparently not.

“If you can turn it around, you can really do something with that talent,” they went on. And explained that, if I could be prepared to stop thinking stupid things, they could make sure they’d give me a toe in the door somewhere exciting.

You can imagine.

The relatively famous author wanted me – me! – to do something good, because I was so talented.

Anyway, you can guess what happened. I wrote back “Fuck off”.

They’re still famous though. And I often think back and think, maybe I should have had that “journey”. And then I think, no, fuck off was just about right.

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One response to “If only

  1. Eve

    September 18, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    Big love for the “Fuck off”


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