Why racism isn’t racism

30 Dec

A lot of people – silly people – have claimed that Oliver Letwin’s racist comments were racist. In no way were they racist. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. A racist brain, perhaps, or a racist penis, who knows, but a racist bone? I’m pretty sure not. No. Oliver Letwin isn’t a racist. He isn’t a racist because racism is bad, he is not a bad person (in fact, a jolly good egg!) and therefore, he can’t be. It’s as simple as that.

There has been some silly discussion about whether we should call his racism racism, in the light of it being seen as racist by some people. Oliver has already apologised for the offence those people have taken, in taking his racist words as being somehow racist. It’s clearly not racist for him to have said those racist things, and to accuse him of racism is worse than being racist, or indeed suffering from racism in the first place. Oliver is the real victim in all this, struggling to defend himself from the soi-disant politically correct Nazis, who are always throwing around slurs like the bunch of communist scumbags they are.

When can we have a sensible discussion of race in this country? What I mean by that is white people being allowed to be racist all the time, in positions of power, and not having to get told off for it every now and then by people who are instantly ridiculed and dismissed as being loony left nutters. If only we could sensibly talk about racism by being very racist, but without the condemnation of it, then everything would be all right. I met a black person once and he or she agreed with me, so there you are.

Look, it was a long time ago and a very different time. In 1985, we didn’t know that racism was wrong – not that Oliver was racist when he said those racist things, and the government of the day implemented a completely racist policy based on the racist things he had said. Saying racist things, and furthermore doing racist things based on the racist things that have been said, is not racist; I’m sorry that needs explaining to you.

In 1985, we were naive children. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder had only released Ebony and Ivory three years before, so we were very much in the early days of racial politics. We didn’t know that accusing black people of being lazy drug dealers was in any way wrong – not that I’m saying it is wrong, obviously, because it wasn’t. I once went to Brixton in the 1980s. Did you? No! Of course I was in a car with the doors locked and daddy’s chauffeur drove very fast, but still. I was there.

What you have to remember in all this is who is really to blame for all this. The Tories, not that they’re racist anyway, are only racist because Labour is so unelectably loony-left – and were all through the 1980s, when they were doing ridiculous things like discussing “diversity” and boycotting our friends in South Africa – so actually, this is Jeremy Corbyn’s fault. He was knocking around with Gerry Adams anyway, and you know what they say about the 1980s – you’re entirely responsible for everything you did then, and you can’t use the excuse that it was a different time.

Indeed, this all reminds me of the recent unpleasant kerfuffle about Cecil Rhodes, and how his instigation of apartheid is somehow seen by revisionists as being, in some way, racist. He may have said that white people were superior to black people, and he may have done things that stole power and wealth from black people while putting it in the hands of a white minority, but that’s not as bad as someone wanting to take his statue down. I think we know who the real bad people are.

Of course you know who the real racists are – the people who won’t let politicians in power be completely racist and get away with it 30 years later by still being in power and not having to be accountable for their actions. Yes, that’s real racism. And I think it’s something we’re not going to see with the Twitter denizens and their fury and shrill screeching about so-called racism. Racism isn’t racism, if I say it isn’t. Or even if I say it is. Essentially, nothing is racist. I can’t see how this is so hard for people to grasp.

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