Bloody students

18 Feb

True, student politics might be the most tediously insignificant thing in the entire world – a collection of tragic virginal losers drowning in a goo of frenziedly-expressed jism – but then to admit that would be to mean I couldn’t have a bash at the usual suspects. And that wouldn’t do.

The behaviour, then, of three idiots at a university society with a membership of four represents something very vitally important about British politics. Especially The Left. Particularly and, I might add, only, the Left.

Yes. These students aren’t feeble milksops with shit for brains and a barely-digested chapter of Marx and a couple of pages of Chomsky rattling around their recently fused skulls; they represent everything I don’t like.

It’s clear that The Left has a Problem with Antisemitism: a problem so hidden and undisclosed that you only read fourteen thousand articles about it last week, thirteen thousand of which were by me. And this problem reflects very badly on Jeremy Corbyn, something something, tedious linkage, once addressed a Stop The War meeting where the bloke who served coffee turned out to be a wrongun, AHA!

The Left, you see, are the real bigots. The politically correct are the new intolerant ones. Racism is diversity. Not liking racism is actually wrong. COUNTERINTUITIVE. You can’t say anything nowadays without falling foul of the politically correct Stasi. I mean, I get to write this shit every week in a national publication for money, but the struggle is real.

Students eh? What are they good for? Using to bash people you don’t like. Good!

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